A miscarriage is a dreaded and heart-wrenching experience that causes intense grief and profound sorrow.  A fetal loss later in pregnancy is tragic and traumatic, and often comes at a time when a woman thought she was “in the clear."  A woman can begin to lose all hope in the possibility of becoming a mother, or of ever being recognizable to herself again.  It’s common to feel like your body is broken, and that somehow it is all your fault.  A woman can get lost down a tortured road of guilt and grief -- and can obsessively wonder if it was something she did, or could have done to prevent it.  Distorted thoughts can be very common with miscarriage and loss, and can make a women feel even more burdened by the many layers of sorrow, shame, and hopelessness.  

Sometimes there is a medically frightening situation that unfolds quickly, and changes everything.  A woman can be blindsided and traumatized by such events - expecting to carry to term and hold a healthy baby, and instead have an empty womb, and empty arms.  The well-intended support of family and friends can be a mixed bag of unwanted advice, trite cliches, and hurtful opinions.  It’s so important to reach out for help at this time -- no one can walk this alone, and supportive care can make a huge difference in processing the grief, and taking critical steps to emotional healing.

For those living in the nightmare following the loss of an infant, professional supportive care is critical to future well-being.  Words for the unthinkable need to be spoken. The darkest emotions need to be felt, and expressed.  More importantly the love for, the memories of, and the profound importance of your baby's life needs to be uttered over and over again.  You will make it through this - let me help.