The journey to having a baby can be a grueling one.  For couples who want to conceive and are having difficulty getting pregnant and/or carrying the pregnancy to term, it can feel like the universe is conspiring against them. Couples can begin to feel like it is simple and easy for everyone around them, and that they are surrounded on all sides by successful birth stories and happy families.  There are moments of intense jealousy, soaring hope, and wild despair. This experience can take a steep toll on finances, on intimate relationships, on friendships, and on emotional health. The road of infertility can be a very isolated and emotionally fragile time that can be difficult to walk alone, especially when there are many difficult and important choices to be made.  It's so helpful to have a space to release the anger, to voice the injustices, and to explore the range of difficult and expected emotions.  It feels good to be listened to and validated, and will help restore the strength to keep walking forward.